Thanh Toan tile bridge: 200 year old bridge architecture in Hue

 Thanh Toan tile bridge has a unique beauty with the rare "overseas Vietnamese" ancient architecture remaining in Vietnam is a place that attracts many visitors to visit and check in.

Visiting Hue , tourists visit the inner city to explore and learn the old beauty, the regal of time in famous works such as Hue Citadel, Thien Mu pagoda, Tuc Duc mausoleum, Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, ... And then, go further to the suburbs of Hue to expand your soul with the charming natural landscape in Vong Canh hill, Lap An lagoon, Ru Cha mangrove forest and do not forget. Visit folk architectural works, bearing bold but peaceful countryside like Thu Le pagoda or Thanh Toan tile bridge .

The tile bridge that is more than 200 years old in Hue is a famous tourist destination. Not only possessing unique beauty, but Thanh Toan ancient tile bridge is also one of the very few remaining works built in the style of "overseas gentlemen" in Vietnam. Because of that unique beauty, this work has become a famous place and attracts many tourists from near and far to visit every year.

Guide the way to Thanh Toan tile bridge

Thanh Toan Bridge is not only an architectural relic of high historical and cultural value, but also a scenic spot, attracting a large number of visitors to visit.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - Famous and attractive landmarksFamous landmarks and attractions are crowded with tourists near and far. Photo: @ sasa.sunnie


This ancient bridge architecture is located on the outskirts of Hue city, but not too far away, only about 7- 8 km from the center of the ancient capital to the Southeast. To reach this attractive Hue tourist destination, there are many ways to go and the way is quite easy. If you depart from the city center, you can go straight to To Huu Street. When you reach the end of the road, turn right and continue to the intersection with Hoang Quoc Viet Street, then remember to take a short left turn and go straight to the Ngoi Bridge market to arrive.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - Ancient bridge is located in the suburbsThe old bridge is located on the outskirts of Hue city, but not too far away


The road to Thanh Toan ancient tile bridge is quite close and easy to go. However, because it is located in the suburbs, the road is quite narrow. So you should travel by bike or motorbike.

Address of Thanh Toan ancient tile bridge: Thanh Thuy Chanh Village, Phu Vang, Thua Thien - Hue.


When was Thanh Toan tile bridge built?

According to some ancient documents, this famous tile bridge in Hue was built in 1776. History books have recorded the process of forming the bridge as follows: The tile bridge was built thanks to the great work of the woman name Tran Thi Dao. Legend has it that she is the 6th-generation granddaughter of one of the 12 people who publicly discovered and built up Thanh Thuy village in Hue. Her ancestors used to hold the position of "special forces of the patriarchal army and guard and guard deputy chief". Her husband herself also held a major position in the court of King Tran Hien Tong at that time. There was even a time when she followed her husband to the North, then returned to her hometown.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - Unique check-in coordinatesUnique check-in coordinates in Hue. Photo: @ sasa.sunnie

According to the book told, the tile bridge was built by Mrs. Tran Thi Dao for the villagers to facilitate the passage of people. Because the small village where she lives, there is a river flowing through, separating the two sides of the village. People who want to cross the river have to go by boat very tired and time consuming. The woman surnamed Tran Duc degrees and loved the people wanted the villagers to save their hardship, so she spent her money to build a bridge across the river. This is also a place to stop and rest, to relax, meet and chat or watch the relaxing scenery of people after a tiring journey back home.

In 1925, with her merits, she was conferred Tran by King Khai Dinh to her name Duc Bao Trung Hung Linh Pho and ordered villagers to set up altars to worship her right on the bridge. Today, when you come to Hue and visit Thanh Toan Bridge, you will find that in the middle of the tile bridge there is a majestic altar, worshiping Tran Thi Dao - the person who built this work.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - built by Mrs. Tran Thi DaoThe bridge was built by Mrs. Tran Thi Dao. Photo: vntrip


With a history dating back more than 200 years, the bridge has been damaged many times by storms, floods and wars. However, each time it is degraded, the villagers join hands to repair, embellish and preserve them. Nowadays, Thanh Toan tile bridge has become a part of history and culture of the people of Thanh Thuy village. This bridge brings enormous spiritual value to the people here. If you have a chance to travel to Hue dreamy, do not miss this attractive tourist destination.


The unique architecture of Thanh Toan ancient tile bridge

The tile bridge named Thanh Toan is more and more known for its ancient beauty, located quietly on the Nhu Y river in Thanh Thuy village. However, few people know that this is also a bridge with a unique architecture, not much in Vietnam. You can only see this architecture in Phu Khe Bridge, Khuc Thoai Bridge in the North and Hoi An Bridge Pagoda and Thanh Toan Ancient Tile Bridge in the Central region. All are built according to the architecture of "upper and lower houses" (ie on the house, under the bridge) and are highly appreciated by professionals for artistic value.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - architecture of 'the upper house of the overseas'The bridge is built according to the architecture of the "upper family and the overseas". Photo: vntrip


Thanh Toan tile bridge has a roof that is roofed with tile flow tube. The length of the bridge is 18 meters, 5 meters wide and is divided into 7 main sections. On either side of the tile bridge there are two platforms extending along the bridge body. Each side has a backrest railing to sit and enjoy, chat and watch the scenery. The entire bridge uses wood main material with the bridge deck is composed of a solid and cool natural wooden floor.

Hue's famous tile bridge is built on a system of 3 main pillars and is made of wood. Each row has 6 columns, and the row of support columns has pillars made of barrier stone material. To prevent subsidence, columns have been designed so that they are all linked together by a tenon. At the two ends, there are two bridges with the ends connected to the support system of concrete bars. Unique and modern, the bridge is also built with 7 drainage systems.

In the middle of the bridge, there is an altar that should be sealed, while the surrounding is ventilated so it is quite cool, suitable as a place to rest and rest for villagers.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - across a small river at the end of Nhu Y riverThe tile bridge spans a small river at the end of the Nhu Y river. Photo: youvivu


Unlike Truong Tien Hue Bridge, Phu Xuan and Kim Long bridges spanning the famous Perfume River of the ancient capital, Thanh Toan tile bridge connects the two banks of a small river at the end of Nhu Y river. This small stretch of river meandering softly flows from the beginning of the village to the end of the village.

Over the past two centuries, the tile bridge once deteriorated due to the destruction of time as well as the effects of war, so it has been repaired and repaired many times. However, the artistic value of Thanh Toan ancient tile bridge has been preserved and well preserved until now.

In order to confirm and preserve ancient architectural relics of high historical and cultural value, the tile bridge was recognized as a national-level monument in 1990. Experts consider this to be an ancient bridge project belongs to the rare category and has high artistic value in Vietnam.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - The bridge is being renovatedBridge is being renovated a number of items. Photo: toquoc.vn


Annual festival at Thanh Toan tile bridge

In each festival taking place in the ancient capital of Hue, the people of Thanh Thuy commune conduct the procession of the spirit who has great merit in building tile bridges - Ms. Tran Thi Dao. This procession is also the opening ceremony for the opening day of the program "Rural market festival", one of the outstanding cultural - tourist activities within the framework of Hue Festival  2020 .

On these special days, the calm, normal tile bridge is once again brightened by the fresh colors of lanterns, flowers and fluttering flags, creating a vibrant accent for the idyllic countryside not only attracts domestic tourists but also international visitors.


Check in tile bridge Thanh Toan Hue - Village association held by tile bridge
The village festival is held by the tile bridge.


Many visitors come here to admire, learn about the history and architectural beauty of Thanh Toan tile bridge and also do not forget to save commemorative photos of the unique ancient bridge in Vietnam.

Located amidst the tranquil, tranquil setting of the Hue countryside village, possessing the special beauty exuding from the architecture and decorative features, a trip to the tile bridge between the countryside will help you purify your soul and spend Give each person a trip back in time to the most peaceful, temporarily forgetting the fatigue of life. Hurry and visit this attractive "hot" coordinate and don't forget to take a check-in photo with the "historic" bridge!